The Entenza Law Firm serves nonprofits across the United States.

We have over thirty years of legal experience helping nonprofits with a full range of legal services.

Nonprofits are regulated by state Attorneys General and the Internal Revenue Service. Failure by boards and administrators to follow their respective state and federal rules can lead to serious penalties, loss of funding and the loss of public support. As an experienced former prosecutor, Mr. Entenza served as an Assistant Attorney General regulating nonprofits and knows the best way to avoid problems is to engage in legal prevention.

Smart nonprofit leaders recognize that they have complex legal needs and that they should hire a firm providing experienced specialized representation. Why do so many nonprofits come to the Entenza Law Firm for assistance with their legal needs? First, the firm provides specialized legal services with years of experience across the nonprofit and charitable sector. Secondly, as a boutique firm that specializes in nonprofits and nonprofit associations, the firm’s cost structure is lower than that charged by large law firms with huge overhead. Thirdly, other firms will often charge for ‘legal research’, scheduling and administrative time. These are fees that nonprofits should not be paying. The firm only charges for services that directly relate to solving a nonprofit’s legal problems. No nonprofit should have to pay to educate their lawyer. The lawyer should already be educated about the laws that govern nonprofits.

The firm’s team provides general counsel services to nonprofits who do not need a full-time general counsel but would benefit from experienced oversight over their legal and governance affairs.  

The firm represents a wide variety of nonprofits in the United States. The firm offers a no-cost initial consultation to nonprofit leaders and board members. A representative list of clients is available to prospective clients upon request.


Representative Services

Regulatory Compliance