The firm works with select start-up for profit companies as they proceed through from concept development towards sale or IPO.

We serve as advisors, board member or general counsel as the needs of the start-up dictate. The road from idea generation to sale can be long and difficult. Failing to know and understand the legal, corporate and governance rules can delay or derail the best start-up concept.

Working with founders and board members, the firm stands in opposition to the standard legal paradigm that tells innovators “no” and hides behind legal jargon. The goal of a good counsel relationship is to work toward a true partnership that empowers creators and safeguards their innovation. 

We offer a no-cost initial consultation to start-up founders and board members. A representative list of clients is available to prospective clients upon request.


Representative Services

Board Formation

Finance Counsel

Governance Review

General Counsel


Regulatory Compliance